After Care

Remove bandage after 1-2 hours.DO NOT REBANDAGE! Wash tattoo gently with soap and warm water to remove all medication,excess color and dry blood. Dry tattoo by blotting with soft,clean,dry towel. Use only recommended ointment (a mild antibacterial ointment )it is important to use only a small amount.rub in thoroughly and wipe off excess.DO NOT USE VASELINE. A slight protective scab will form in about 2 days.DO NOT scratch or pick at tattoo.DO NOT expose tattoo to direct sunlight. Healing will be complete in approximately a week to 10 days. DO NOT soak in bath and NO swimming until skin is completely healed. Proper care during healing will insure detail and color. If you have any questions call your artist.DO NOT rely on information from anyone but professional tattoo artist.